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Italy and Slovenia, August 2000


Welcome to our 2000 vacation pages.  We spent the last two weeks of August in Italy and Slovenia.  We flew into Venice and stayed there for two and a half days.  Then we took the train to Slovenia.  For seven days we visited the Slovenian towns of Piran, Bled, Ptuj, and Skofja Loka, Triglav National Park and the Bohinj region, and the capital city of Ljubljana before returning to Italy.  This last leg of our trip took us around the Veneto, the mainland region of what was once the Venetian Empire.  After stops in Vicenza, Verona, and Padua, we returned to the States.




We started our trip in Venice. It was hot and crowded, but when we managed to get away from the tour groups, it was a very pleasant place to be.





Triglav National Park

After Piran, we took a train through the scenic Soca (pronouced Socha) Valley to reach Triglav National Park, the only National park in Slovenia.  We stayed in the park at the Zlatorog Hotel on Lake Bohinj.  Nearby, just outside the park, is the town of Bled and the lake of the same name.  We spent one day there walking around Lake Bled and visiting the island church and the castle.  The next day when we walked around Lake Bohinj was the only day we had really bad weather.  It poured!




After we left Venice, we headed into Slovenia. First stop, Piran, a picturesque town on the Adriatic Sea. Piran which is full of Venetian Gothic architecture, has been settled since ancient times and was known to the Romans as Piranum.




Our journey continued from Triglav National Park to Ljubljana (pronounced Yoob-yah-nah), a small capital with less than 300,000 people.  We spent our final three days in Slovenia based here, with day trips to Ptuj in the east, and Skofja Loka nearby.




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