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I am an only child. My family lives in Tennessee, Virginia Beach and Georgia.  For high school I attended St. Catherine's School in Richmond, VA, followed by Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, where I received my Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering. After receiving my Master's in Architecture, I began work as a preservation architect, primarily for the federal government. That all ended wen Hillary decided to run for President and I joined her campaign staff. Since then I have worked for several non-profits, both preservation-related and not, and ran a house museum. I am now a historical consultant and licensed DC tour guide. I also teach Pilates!

My husband is the youngest of three boys. His family lives in New York, Arizona, and Virginia.  He graduated from West Islip High School in West Islip, NY and left the northeast to attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, where we met. After getting his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Vanderbilt, he returned north for law school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Out of law school he clerked for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington and has worked in the energy group of several top US law firms. He currently works as an in-house lawyer for Entergy Corporation, in their government affairs office in DC.



Essie, a foster fail from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, originally came to us from Crumbs and Whiskers, the Georgetown Cat Cafe, where she was hiding under a table in the storage room and refused to come out. Who would have guessed this scared little lady would end up as mistress of the house? #ladyessiethegray




Sasha is a very shy cat. Another foster from Homeward Trails, she's not so much a "fail" as a "no one can touch her so how will an adopter get her in the carrier?". #sashabaronesscohen


Eartha Kitten


Eartha was originally named Duchess, in honor of the new American duchess, Meghan Markle, who is also black and white. However, the name didn't stick once we realized that her face looks like she has a mask on, a la Cat Woman from the Batman comics. From there, her name changed to Eartha Kitten, for the actress who played Cat Woman in the Batman tv series. Eartha's full name is Duchess Kitt of Cambridge, after the street we lived on in Georgetown. Unfortunately, this makes it look like her name is a take off of Duchess Kate of Cambridge, when really it's in homage to Meghan. #duchesskittofcambridge

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