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*Gone, but not forgotten*

Skimbleshanks (Skimble), 1993-2008


We brought Skimble home from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria in April of 1994. He was a year old at the time and had been given up by his original family. After initial resistance to his new apartment home, he settled in very well. His favorite things were staying up late to "help" me study and meeting new people. He was named after the cat, Skimbleshanks, in T.S. Elliot's, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, the inspiration for the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, Cats.

Miss Nomer (Missy), 1995-2013


Missy was the sweetest animal you will ever meet. She was five months old when we adopted her from the DC Animal Shelter in September of 1995 as a companion for Skimble. She had to be given up because she was being housed in an apartment against the regulations. While Missy was happy to arrive at her new home, Skimble was less than pleased about the change of events. Missy's name also has famous origins. She was named after the dog of esteemed American landscape painter, Andrew Wyeth.

Ciradini (Cira), 2012-2016


What can we tell you about Cira other than she is a handful. Found by Homeward Trails on the streets of DC as a kitten, she was starving because a food allergy kept her from processing food properly. She came to us in 2013 at seven months and immediately turned our quiet household upside down. We added the "dini" to her name because she can escape any situation. Her favorite thing in the world, being with Hugo. So much so that we often say that we got Hugo a cat. #ciratheblackcat

Hugo, 2006-2017

Hugo gets his name because well, he's huge. Weighing in at 17.8 lbs, our gentle giant is the most good-natured cat you will find, putting up with most anything. As master of the house, nothing bothers him, except perhaps the vacuum cleaner. Like most cats, he spends his day sleeping, preferring to be on the bed or a rug. Hugo came to us in 2008 from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue where they found him and his sister, Macy, at a shelter in West Virginia. #hugothebigorangetabby

Macy, 2006-2021

Macy is a very shy cat. While her part-Siamese and part-tortiseshell heritage gives her interesting coloring, she is full Siamese when it comes to personality. Once she gets to know you, she will talk your ear off. Her name comes from the department store because we adopted her and her brother, Hugo, at Thanksgiving in 2008. This was fitting for two reasons, as a Siamese, she realizes how pretty she is and loves her Georgetown lifestyle, and as a shy cat, we "may see" her or we may not. #macythesiamesecat

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